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In terms of districts, Faridabad is the largest with population of over 2.5 million. Km. Their strength is particularly high in central Haryana, which includes Rohtak. Haryana State, with population of about 3 crore is India's the 12th least populous state. Author Nishant Aggarwal Date April 22, 2019. “Our marriage took place on November 30, 2017, and we applied for financial two months ago. 356.30 All India (Pre Capital per month) Urban Rs. Caste reservation is always a matter of concern for both citizen and government too. Zone Code with States/ UTs Name Total household Number of Districts Number of Tehsils Number of Gram Panchayat / Police Station Number of Villages Rural Number of Towns Urban Total Number of Households Rural Total Number of Households Urban % of Households in Rural % of Households in Urban; All India 244921406: 640: 5989: 296770: 644648: 4460: 179787454: 65133952 However, In 2018, this figure was 29,715,432. We can take 1931 Jat population as an indication of the proportion of it to the other castes. The caste wise population of Maharashtra is. The detail analysis of Population Census 2011 published by Govt. Nuh Tehsil Population, Caste, Religion Data - Mewat district, Hariyana. November 6, 2020 by Yashika Tiwari. Darbhanga Block in Darbhanga District of Bihar. 538.60 * The poverty line (implict) at all-India level is worked out from the expenditure class-wise distribution of persons (based on URPconsumption I.e.consumtion collected from 30 day recall period for all items) and the poverty ratio at All-India level. It is ranked 22nd in terms of area, with less than 1.4% (44,212 km 2 or 17,070 sq mi) of India's land area. Jats constitute about 28 per cent of the state’s population (25 per cent of the electorate) and are distributed all over the state. A long discussion can be done at any time which caste/ community should get reservation or not. Population of Haryana in 2020 is estimated to be 29,808,027 (29.8 million), however the state recorded a population of 29,241,904 in year 2019. The state adds around 0.5 million people to its human count each year. Haryana (Hindi pronunciation: [ˈɦəɾɪjaːɳa]) is one of the 28 states in India, located in the northern part of the country.It was carved out of the former state of East Punjab on 1 November 1966 on a linguistic basis. It has an area of 94,163 sq. Tag Archives: Haryana Population Caste Wise. Jat caste in Haryana was a Royal cast but at present Jat’s is fully changed and become modern jat’s of Haryana. Caste system in Bihar. It has a population of about 199,581,477 as per the 2011 census. Jats or Jaats are fairly present in several states of India including Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat and so on. Demographics - Population, Age Group Population, Religion, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, Others, Projected Total Population, Projected Rural and Urban Population, Town and Village-wise Total Population in All Districts Haryana Darbhanga Block of Darbhanga district has total population of 577036 as per the Census 2011. At the village level out of the total 5.94 lakh villages in the country 1.53 lakh or 1\4 of the villages, do not have any Scheduled Caste population. Total Population of Hindu Punjabis :- Delhi - 35% 58,63,632 Haryana - 38% 96,33,555 Chandigarh - 80% 8,43,748 Punjab - 38% 1,05,42,468 Total - 2,68,83,403 59 % of whole indian punjabi population. There total Population in 2019 was estimated to be 31,088,693. It may be the major reason for government of Haryana to pass 'Haryana Panchayati Raj Amendment Bill, 2015'. Note: Poverty: All India (Per capita per month) Rural Rs. It is also the World’s third most populous sub-national entity. Deeghot is a large village located in Hodal Tehsil of Palwal district, Haryana with total 1851 families residing. Jat Population in India - Jats are a Hindu community mainly associated with agricultural industry in India. Socio-Economic Caste Census 2011. Sushil Manav Tribune News Service Chandigarh, January 1 The Haryana Backward Classes Commission (HBCC) has received more than 100 objections to the caste-wise data of government employees, with a … Only SCs at a combined 21 per cent come close. The government of India has only released the SECC 2011 Summary Report there no process is yet available to check each family member name in the SECC 2011 List. Avoid nomenclature Dalit/Harijan/Girijan for the members of Scheduled Castes (size :2.57MB) . Sushil Manav Tribune News Service Chandigarh, December 21 The Haryana Backward Classes Commission has asked the government to submit caste-wise population details for compiling a … Haryana Government is offering 10% reservation for Special Backward Caste and 27% to rest backward castes in Block A and B. The same figure was recorded at 28,736,412 in 2018. No Scheduled Tribes is notified in Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, and Pondicherry. List of SC & ST caste groups in Andhra Pradesh and their Percentage. Issue of Scheduled Caste Certificate to the members of Buddhism Religion (size :2.31MB) . In 2011 there were total 42,213 families residing … Caste Wise Population of Bihar. Haryana (India): Districts, Cities and Towns with population statistics, charts and maps. Yadav population in Haryana is around 16% and caste wise are just behind Jats and Ahir or Yadavs. General – 34%; Other Backward Caste – 48%; Scheduled Caste – 11.8%; Scheduled Tribe – 9.4%; With vigorously growing cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Solapur, Amravati… the state attracts people from all over India and abroad for job opportunities, education, tourism, etc. and is twelfth largest by territory. List of Backward Classes LIST OF BACKWARD CLASSES IN HARYANA STATE BLOCK ‘A’ Aheria,Aheri,Heri,Naik,Thori or Turi, Hari Barra Beta, Hensi or Hesi Bagria Barwar Barai, Tamboli Baragi, Bairagi, Swami Sadh Battera Bharbhunja, Bharbhuja Bhat, Bhatra, Darpi, Ramiya Bhuhalia, Lohar Changar Chirimar Chang Chimba, Chhipi, Chimpa, Darzi, Rohilla Daiya Dhobis Dakaut Dhimar, allah,Kashyap- … As the Haraya is the Rude State of India. Caste Wise Population In Uttar Pradesh 2017 | Up Caste Wise Population: Uttar Pradesh is the State which Has the highest population in India and Up is 4th Largest state in Area. Out of which 151,232 are males while 135,869 are females. The exact Jat population in Uttar Pradesh at present is not available as there is no caste wise census after 1931 in India. Religion-wise population in Karnataka Hinduism (84.00%) Islam (12.92%) Christianity (1.87%) Jainism (0.72%) Buddhism (0.16%) Sikhism (0.05%) Other (0.02%) Not religious (0.27%) Break down of population by caste. Anil Kumar, Principal Secretary, Haryana Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department, says the amount is deposited in the form of a fixed deposit in the joint bank account of the couple with a lock-in period of three years. Total geographical area of Haryana state is about 44 thousand km 2 and it is the 9th smallest state by area in the country. Total population of Karnataka = 61,130,704. Punjab Caste/Religion Wise population, Punjab Caste wise demographics, Demographics of Punjab, Punjab Religion wise population, Punjab Population, Punjab Population and Census, Religion in Punjab, Punjab Basic Information, Sikh population in Punjab, upper caste population in Punjab Details about the population of Punjab based on India Census 2011. Issue of Scheduled Caste Certificate to migrants from other States/UTs (size :3.85MB) . As of 2016, the combined share of Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste in the affluent population of India was less than 30 percent. It can also be extrapolated on the ration of 2001 census and 1931 census, which can give approximate Jat population. The Bihar is a state of India which is situated in the Eastern part. Madiga 7.3; Mala 9.7; You can also see. Get data on State-wise Population of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Communities (Non-SC/ST) in India and Growth Statistics Details Figures at Indiastat.com - Best e-Resources of Socio Economic Data about India. Nuh Tehsil of Mewat district has total population of 287,101 as per the Census 2011. The population of all cities and towns in the State of Haryana by census years. Deeghot Population - Palwal, Haryana. Out of which 304059 are males while 272977 are females. The Congress can make a comeback if they can fix … By population, it is the third-largest state in India. The density of Haryana state in the current decade is 1485 per sq mile. The Deeghot village has population of 10954 of which 5919 are males while 5035 are females as per Population Census 2011. Telangana Caste Wise Population; Telugu actors caste and community list; If you have any doubts about this article or if you have any valuable comments or suggestions then please share them below in the comment box. Barring northern Haryana, the Jats have strongholds everywhere. Darbhanga Block population, religion, caste, sex ratio, literacy rate data. Table 1: Caste wise vote share in 2019 Moving beyond the traditional contest between Jats and non-Jats, the BJP has managed to secure a rainbow coalition across all the major caste groups. of India for Haryana state reveal that population of Haryana has increased by 19.90% in this decade compared (2001-2011) to past decade (1991-2001). Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Darbhanga District as per Census 2011. The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, urbanization, population group, literacy (a7+), activity status (a7+)). You may only check SECC 2011 Summary report category wise, state wise & Zone wise.Under this report of SECC 2011 you will get the urban and rural areas summary report. Footnote 31 In particular, the Jats, who comprise 27 per cent of Haryana's population, ... ability to reassure the community is made easier ‘if someone marries a woman from another region as no one is wiser about the caste of the bride. TRENDING, Featured, PAST ELECTION RESULT Haryana Population Caste Wise in 2019 | Population of Haryana Religion. Caste Wise Population of Karnataka. Jat’s are dominate caste in Haryana special districts Bhiwani , Fatehbad , Hissar , Jhajjar , Jind Kaithal , Karnal , Panipat , Rohtak , Sirsa , Sonipat , Yamunanagar, western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and eastern Rajasthan, as being the largest group in north- western India.

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